The Importance of Commercial Catch Basin Repair in Toronto

Proper commercial catch basin repair and maintenance is an important part of taking care of Toronto properties and preventing expensive, time-consuming damage.

Reasons for Repairing Catch Basins

A common reason for catch basin failure is a broken or leaky pipe inside of the basin. When a pipe cracks and water leaks from the basin, the soil and pavement around it begin to soften and, eventually, erode. Taking care of this problem quickly can avoid serious cracks from appearing around the catch basin.

If there is a seepage problem, water may get trapped between the grate and the pavement or asphalt, causing cracks and erosion. If this happens over the winter, the cracking will be more severe as water freezes and expands in the cracks.

A catch basin may not have been installed correctly when originally placed. A new owner will most likely have no idea when or how a catch basin was installed, so it is worthwhile to have the parking area and catch basin inspected for maintenance issues after purchasing property. Issues like unlevelled pavement surrounding the catch basin or sunken catch basins can be repaired quickly before there is further damage.

Out-of-date materials may also be to blame if a catch basin is cracking the pavement around it. In the past, brick and mortar were used to create catch basins,—materials that wear over time. If a visual inspection reveals that the catch basin is collapsing inward, there is a good chance that salt has built up in the mortar over time and bricks are crumbling. Modern catch basin materials usually include pre-cast, steel-reinforced concrete modulock units and hydraulic concrete.

Catch Basin Maintenance

It’s important to take care of smaller problems before the problems become more costly. Watch for broken asphalt and cracked grates or frames.

A quick resurfacing can repair cracks, small holes, and general asphalt degradation before the catch basin is damaged.

Sometimes the asphalt around the catch basin will need to be replaced. Again, this smaller repair is still less disruptive and less costly than replacing the entire basin itself.Repaving can take care of potholes or any elevated areas that aren’t draining properly.

Cleaning the catch basin area can help prevent damage. During or after rainy weather, check to ensure that the basin isn’t clogged and the area is draining properly. A backup could cause area flooding and serious damage to asphalt or even buildings around the catch basin.

Also inspect the pavement or concrete around the basin. If it isn’t level, there is a chance proper drainage cannot occur. If a parking lot slopes down away from the catch basin, then the basin is in the wrong place or the asphalt needs to be leveled so the basin can do its job properly. Any slopes should lead gently toward the basin so the area drains properly during rain and melting snow.

With proper maintenance and monitoring, commercial catch basin repairs can be kept to a minimum for your Toronto property. Contact us today and see how we can help maintain your parking lot.


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